Thursday, 9 August 2012

These jeans {Summer 2012}

These jeans {Summer 2012}

I’m sure you’ve heard talk about the “perfect jeans”, your best friend talks about her “favourite jeans”, the jeans that magically make you look more toned and yet still feel as comfy as if you had left the house in your PJs. I think most women I know have talked about finding a perfect pair of jeans at least once in their lifetime.

To be honest I’ve never managed to buy a single pair of perfect jeans. Shopping trips are usually prolonged and involve me starting in GAP, where I find a pair of passable jeans, trawling round various other shops (boyfriend dragging at the heels) then returning to GAP to buys the first unsatisfying pair I tried on.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the perfect jeans are ones that I’ve been wearing for at least 3 years; it takes a while until they become my jeans.

Because of this, today is a sad, sad day; my recently named perfect pair of jeans have an ‘almost hole’ in one knee. Let’s be honest here, they’re not the most fashionable jeans right now, they were purchased in a time before the skinny jean became the default. A couple of years down the line I expect to have a pair of perfect skinnies that my knees are ready to burst out of – such is life.

So today I wear them (to work, of all places) knowing that at any point in the day I could have one naked knee – shock horror. But they need one last outing in public before their relegation to cleaning, painting and gardening jeans.

After today I will continue with the inevitable step of hunting for new jeans – so please if anyone can guess which jeans will be popular in three years please let me know!

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