Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Calm me River {Inverness 2010}

Sandwood Bay Camping

We drove up late after work, everything in the car for a few days camping, not far from Inverness just an hour or two away from home. We stopped in a town, almost there, to get Chinese food for dinner and continued to the campsite, Google Maps print out in hand.

It was relatively quiet at the campsite and we pitched the tent quickly eager to get started with our dinner. We work well just the two of us, used to each other’s ways and moods, especially on an adventure together. We sat and watched the sun set behind the Beauly Firth and wolfed our Chinese – food always tastes better eaten outside in the fresh air, especially with a good view and good company.

Watching the water calmed me after a busy week, such a vast expanse of nature, leading out to the sea, it moves slowly and steadily, waiting for no one. We sat in silence for a few moments just looking out; watching markers of time pass, the water flow, the moving clouds and the setting sun, taking the stress of the past away with them.

Camping always feel like an adventure, like an escape from reality, it makes your world seem so small compared to your surroundings, it makes me think of how we need so little to live, food, shelter and good company, it’s so easy to over complicate life. Being out for a night or two is my way to re-evaluate and put things in perspective.

We enjoyed our extra comforts of take away food, hot showers, toilets and a warm car for transport, with our weekend challenge ahead of us, soon we would leave the car behind and carry out packs to one of the most isolated and beautiful beaches in Scotland, Sandwood Bay.

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