Monday, 14 January 2013

Future Note to Self {Scotland September 2013}

An Afternoon Walk in sunny Scotland before heading to the USA

I love to travel, I feel like I should add this disclaimer before I mention anything negative about travel. I appreciate that I’m very lucky to have the opportunities I have. Anyway that point to the side, onwards with the story.

Summer 2011 I travelled out to Texas – a common trip for me and a place I love to visit. The day before was one of those rare beautiful Scottish summer days. We went for a walk near our house to explore a new path we’d never been down.

I enjoyed this day in a bitter sweet way, for the next 10 days I would be away from home. As much as I enjoy when I am away, I realise more and more that I’ve found a partner that I want to explore new places with, even if it’s just 10 minutes walk from our front door.

This is interesting to me to look back on today (14/01/2013) – with disbelief that the weather was so nice, but mostly to think about how things will change as we welcome another family member into our lives this summer.

I’ll definitely remember how much I loved travelling at a minutes notice all over the world, but I hope I’ll also remember how much I missed being home with my wee family. It’s easy when things get tough or tiring to remember how nice it is to be in a hotel somewhere exotic with someone to change your sheets, do your laundry and cook your meals! But the people are what make me want to be home.

So to myself in September-ish when I would be in the USA, remember that you can never get this time back, but that you can travel to the US again in the future – perhaps with 2 companions.

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