Thursday, 30 August 2012

What to pack in a suitcase – a travel process

Travel Process -  two week trip

I do enjoy travelling with only hand luggage, compartmentalising your life, rolling up your clothes, only enough toiletry products for a few days or a week, it makes life seem simple. It’s a glimpse into minimalist lifestyle; but without only having to live with 3 bras.

The layout of clothes above is anything but minimal, but it’s for a 17day trip and it allows me to work though my process. I’m either totally completely prepared and organised or entirely disorganised, I never find a happy medium.

When I do get my act together here is a glimpse into my obsessive travel process:

- List every day and night you will be away

- Note an idea of the activity for that day – office / beach / cycling / …

- Start to lay out outfits, ticking off days as you go

- Think about multi-day items, pairing trousers with various tops

- Accessorise – try to find things that fit a number of outfits – scarves, shoes, jewellery

- Add under ware appropriate for each outfit

- Next, PJ’s and running/swimming kit

- Grab and check travel toiletries kit (I keep one of these packed as I travel regularly – one suitable for hand luggage, one for checked)

- Electrical – iPhone, Kindle, camera, laptop, various chargers and adaptors

- Take a handbag that goes with everything – through in wallet with currency and passport and I’m done

I can be packed and ready to go quickly, once the outfits are planned and I find that a lot easier to do at home than once you already have limited options.

I’m always interested in other people’s processes – chuck in and go, plan or for frequent travellers even keeping a set of clothes only for travel. I suppose you’ve got to find whatever works for you.

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