Thursday, 27 September 2012

Around the World in 31 Memories

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It’s time to undertake a little more commitment to writing and blogging, I’m taking part in the 31 days challenge to write on one subject for the whole month of October and what better subject to choose than my favourite – travel and in particular the memories and feelings that each place has caused.

I hope you’ll join me as I travel from Scotland, eastwards through Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia then round the back through the US and Canada with a brief stopover in Ireland before landing back in Britain. The time will span at least the past 10 years drawing on the benefit of hindsight and perhaps some rose tinted glasses along the way!

Each post will contain one photo that evokes a memory for me and a short piece of writing about the experience or how it affected me. If you’ve been to the same place or had a similar experience elsewhere I’d love to chat about it in the comments, so please don’t be shy! Also let me know if you’re taking part in the 31 day challenge too and I’ll be sure to stop by over the next few weeks.

Travel is something I’m lucky enough to do as part of a career, which makes it a lot more financially viable than it would be otherwise, although this does result in short trips and an eclectic list of locations, I still love letting myself soak in another culture or language and getting a feel for that place.

I have a never ending list of places still to visit and I’m always looking for inspiration and new destinations. I love to hear how travel and places touch different people; a favourite city to some is a nightmare location to others, but being different is part of the fun!



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