Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Loving London Mornings {October 2012}

Paul's London

I’m lucky enough to visit London often, when I do, I usually stay in the same area. I like it because I’m familiar with it. This always surprises me, I would tell you that I prefer to see new places and be adventurous, but with each year I notice myself taking pleasure more in the familiar.

I like to pretend that I live there; I appreciate that the way I live when I’m in London for a week is not really the way a girl would actually live in London (not without creating a lot of debt and putting on rather a few pounds), but that’s part of the fun in imagination.

Some mornings I go for a run, it’s the only way to cope with my morning breakfast each day! Usually this involved going past my favourite street in London, Exhibition Road, past the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum of Natural History. These grand buildings which have stood through time are true war memorials for me, the battle scars still clearly visible in the soft blonde sandstone.

Whether I’ve been energetic enough to run or not, every morning I head to Paul’s the French bakery where I order an almond croissant and coffee, except on Friday when I may start my day with a macaron –raspberry is my current favourite.

I then cross over to the tube station and head to whichever meeting I have planned, recently the Geological Society of London near Piccadilly, but in practice it could be anywhere. The beauty of London is the underground, a network of tunnels zooming passengers from one area to another, at various levels of depth, ignoring any main road directions and following their own underground paths.

This always puts me in a good mood for the day ahead.

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