Friday, 9 November 2012

5 Weeks–Utah, A Positive Test and Vegas Baby!


I have been in Utah for 5 days and it was my last day in the beautiful mountains before heading back to the madness of Vegas.

I woke up early but had become accustomed to Mountain Time. I was surprised by how exhausted I was, I had some work to catch up on first thing and was a little tearful whilst in the shower, it’s unusual for me to be overwhelmed.

I pulled myself together and checked out, then headed to the Egg and I for breakfast. Sunday morning is quiet in St George and the shops open at 11am, so I took my time and finished up my work.

The weather was lovely and I took a walk around St George, I found a cute antique shop open early. Then I headed to Target, one of my favourite places to stock up on US trips. While wandering around the aisles I came upon the pregnancy tests. We had done one a week earlier at the end of the last ‘two week wait’ and it was a disappointing negative, but I though best to check again before having a few Vegas cocktails.

I wasn’t expecting much, the bathroom in Target wasn’t where I expected to take a test, but sometime that’s how things work out. I couldn’t wait there and find out, so I popped the sealed test in my bag, washed my hands and went out to my rental car.

I took it out of my bag and couldn’t believe the words I saw – pregnant, which was such wonderful and exciting news, but it was a shame I wasn’t with my boy. I eventually got through on the phone on my way back, stopped in a little town called Desert Springs in Arizona, he was so surprised and excited.

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