Saturday, 17 November 2012

6 Weeks–Some Fresh Air and First Aid Training


November in Scotland is chilly but fresh, so we headed out for some air, the crazy kittens stayed at home on their radiator beds and snuggled in warm and cosy. We drove about 30mins from our house and walked along the paths through a forest, after just about recovering from jet lag I wasn’t ready to climb up a giant hill yet.

I’ve been feeling ok, I was more tired than usual after getting back from the US, I found my legs had swollen up a little which is unusual so took it easy for a few days. I was ready for some fresh air though!

I keep remembering that I really am pregnant and that’s bizarre and exciting, I don’t really feel any different so it’s easy to forget for most of the day. We did another test when I got back so we could look at the word appear together.

It’s such an exciting time, but it’s tricky to remember we’re not supposed to tell everyone, we’re planning to keep it quiet until about 12 weeks. I did have to tell my work due to plans to travel to Kenya (Malaria zone) which had to be cancelled and I think it will make things easier if I’m not feeling well in later weeks.

I’m getting back into being a first aid trainer too so was observing a training session this week. It’s strange not being able to tell people yet, especially when making plans over the next year. I’m sure they’ll understand though when I do get to tell them.

We booked a scan for next weekend to check the pregnancy is viable and also to make it seem a little more real! I think after that we will feel like we can really commit to the reality.

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