Saturday, 1 December 2012

8 Weeks – Afternoon Tea, Work and Secrets


I made it through my 8th week, I’m still don’t feel much different, I’m not sure what I expected really. I’ve been tired and nauseous and have almost fallen asleep at my desk twice this week. I had to drive up to the supermarket at lunch to park and shut my eyes for 15mins; sometimes I wonder how I will make it through to 5.30pm! I’m looking forward to lots of sleep over the Christmas holidays.

It was a good week, we took a day off mid-week to go Christmas shopping and had a lovely breakfast in Peckhams – French toast with fruit, yoghurt and maple syrup – my favourite. Then we blasted through the shopping. Afterwards we went for an afternoon tea at Carmelite in Aberdeen which I would definitely recommend. Next year I swear we are doing it all online, there is no way I can do this with a little one in tow – I may be able to make the afternoon tea though!

After the amount we consumed all we could do was get ourselves home, so it was just as well it was a reward for finishing! There was Jenga to play while we waited and it was a nice calm break away from the chaos of the Christmas shoppers.

I’m starting to feel my clothes are getting a little bit tight, due to a rather bloated stomach, although I know it’s nothing compared with what’s to come. I’m wearing longer tops and usually unbuttoning my trousers before the end of the day.

The in-laws are up this weekend, so I’ll be fake drinking champagne and looking for an excuse to be the designated driver on meals out! It’s fun having something so exciting to keep between you but sometimes it’s so tricky not to let people know.

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