Saturday, 8 December 2012

9 Weeks – Dublin, Buddy, Sleepy



Week 9 of growing Baby G, involved a trip to Dublin, he’s already turning into a well-travelled baby! I look forward to showing him many of my favourite places around the world one day.

Hopefully when I do it will be on more pleasant flights that the one to Dublin! The weather was so rainy and windy as we came into land, I was just concentrating on breathing in and out so as not to be sick – it was borderline but we landed just in time.

I’m making the most of wearing my clothes at the moment, skinny trousers and short skirts, because I’m sure their days are numbered! I’m thinking it will be a great excuse to have a really good clear out of my wardrobe too!

I gave a presentation in Dublin which went well and we went out for drinks after and pizza. Michael guessed and asked me directly – I knew he would notice something! It’s quite a relief telling people, especially when they guess or ask you straight.

Earlier in the week I went to a networking event and met a local friend who I discovered is also pregnant – I told her our news too, it means I will have someone on maternity leave nearby which I think will be necessary for my sanity!

Generally, I’m feeling ok this week, just the mild nausea and sore boobs but that’s to be expected and is a sign that things are progressing as they should. It’s strange sometimes I forget that I’m really pregnant, I don’t feel all that different, although I am ridiculously tired, I’ve had a couple of days where I’m truly worried I will fall asleep at my desk – having a fairly quiet time at work isn’t helping – although it’s not long until Christmas.

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