Wednesday, 12 December 2012

From my Diary {September 2010}

From my Diary – September 2010

I got up earlier today; 6:30am which should be my new routine. I did one of the yoga programmes from a DVD. I've decided to do something active every day and provide myself with time to plan the day and eat breakfast without rushing around. I hope it's going to make me feel more focussed and fitter.
My friend’s baby was due last week but we are still waiting on news. I've become more comfortable with the pregnancy although I do keep having moments of feeling left behind. I think if one of our other close friends were also pregnant I'd feel a bit stranger. I just don't want to feel like I'm missing out, not engaged, not married, not trying for a baby. I think once my friend has the baby I'll be happier, it's the idea of being pregnant and experiencing something my body was designed for.
I have learned a few things from her pregnancy though, the first one is that I really want to have kids at some point and the main thing I want to do differently is to really be happy that I am pregnant and show it off and take lots of photos. My friend has about 2 photos of her with the bump and she seems embarrassed to be pregnant, I'd really like to take a weekly photos, I think watching your body change must be amazing.


It’s interesting to me the way I reacted to the pregnancy of my friend, I kept my feelings well hidden from her. But it made me realise how much I wanted to have kids, which was a positive thing. I can also say that I have been positive about the pregnancy so far and I really am enjoying being pregnant.

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