Saturday, 15 December 2012

10 Weeks – Party, Frosty and Skirts


Saturday marked week 10 in this crazy journey, it also was our Christmas and Engagement party, which was interesting trying to secretly stay off alcohol – it’s amazing how much peer pressure there is to drink!

I told Ellen, it was so fun to see someone else’s excitement in person; she’s probably the closest person I’ve been able to tell so far face to face. I also asked Grace to be our flower girl and she was excited.

This week I started having to use a hair band to fasten my trousers, I am super bloated. So this week I’ve mostly been wearing skirts, favouring those with elasticated waste bands! I’m also planning to get some new bras tomorrow; I can’t take the discomfort any longer.

I have been consistently, mildly nauseous apart from a sudden need to throw up this morning as I was running up the stairs. Catching throw up in your hands pressed tightly against your face is not what you need as you’re about to leave the house for work. Ginger cookies and tea seemed to bring me back to my usual slight nausea limit. The strangest thing is, there’s not much of a difference in the general nausea and the second before I throw up, which can make things awkward.

It seems Baby G is about 2.5cm long, which just seems so tiny. Next week is our next scan and hopefully it will look more baby like for us to show our family. Sometimes I love that it’s our secret and other times I am bursting to tell people. I know that I’m not going to cope particularly well with everyone making comments and looking at what I’m eating, drinking and doing. I’m enjoying doing my own research and making my own decisions at the moment!

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