Saturday, 5 January 2013

13 Weeks–Germany, Austria, New Year and Scan


Week 13 was a busy one, we travelled over to Germany and spent a few relaxing days in Munich which we loved, before driving down to Austria for New Year and a wedding. It was a good way to celebrate the start of the second trimester too!

Germany was some wonder time to relax after a busy Christmas, the weather was cold and frosty but we managed to sit outside with a croissant and coffee. I’m managing to control the morning sickness by having a drink and savoury snack before getting up. I still don’t feel great at some points during the day but this really helps me get started in the morning.

Munich was lovely; we did a Lonely Planet walking tour and saw most of the main sites. I even managed a few alkoholfrei beers, so I didn’t miss out on the experience of the beer halls!

We drove down to Austria for New Year which was interesting, the roads were so snowy and icy but we had a reasonable car and snow tyres. We were in Austria for a wedding but it was a great excuse to visit the local area and enjoy lots of hot chocolate.

I did have to take it easy though, I’m still adjusting to getting tired more easily and learning to slow down. It was nice to have a few days at home before the shock of going back at work. I think next week will be a struggle

We had a scan the day after we got back to and everything is looking good so far, it’s amazing how much detail we could see and the amount of movement. The pictures were really good too and this time we got to share them with friends and family now almost everyone knows.

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