Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I Facetime my Cats {October 2012}


This seems like some sort of confession - reading the title and thinking a bit more about the fact that it may actually be somewhat unconventional to video conference your cats. But let’s face it; there are stranger people in the world than those chatting to their cats on Skype or Facetime. There were other people to chat to too; I haven’t quite managed to train the cats to answer Facetime calls – not yet anyway.

Sometimes it scares me the attachment we have to animals, my sister and I had many pets growing up: goldfish, hamsters, guinea pigs and Siamese cats. For some reason the memory I have of the guinea pig is of it tipping out of its cardboard box and bouncing into the hole my Dad has dug for it which still makes me want to do a nervous shocked laugh like I did that day. For some reason I remember clearly standing out in the rain while my Dad dug the guinea pig grave. However, I still remember the pain of losing the two cats, a painful part of growing up.

It was this fear of losing that almost stopped me getting cats, but then if I followed that rule, I would live on my own in the woods and never made any friends or relationships. Often I wonder if I would be happier that way or slowly go crazy talking to myself!

Instead we got two cats, pitch black brothers that most people can’t tell apart and I’m fiercely attached to them, I worry about then and I miss them when I’m away. I don’t know how I’ll cope when we have kids; at least they’ll be able to answer Facetime on their own after a couple of years - that might just make it bearable!

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