Friday, 11 January 2013

14 Weeks–Leggings, Yoga and Feeling Better



I’m almost scared to admit that I’m actually feeling better now, still tired but I’ve not been sick for over a week which is cause for celebration. This make the first week back at work a lot easier than it would have been otherwise! I know it was to be expected as time went on but I’m worried that if I admit it the symptoms will come back with a vengeance!

I also started pregnancy yoga which I’ve been looking forward to for a while. It was very calming and hopefully will help me cope better later on, especially with any backaches. It was really interesting to meet with a group of other expectant mums – it made everything seem a tiny bit more real. It did however highlight my severe lack of flexibility; I really hope that won’t be a hindrance during labour.

I have a small bump now and so have entirely run out of trousers to wear and have resorted to boots, long tops and leggings. What did pregnant ladies to before leggings came back into fashion? I can’t think of anything more comfy that I could wear in public.

This week I told most of my work colleagues and friends, we’ve not had too much unasked for advice so far which is a relief because I have a feeling I won’t be handling that very well. Just to usual comments that our lives are going to change – as if we didn’t consider that before we started trying.

The weekend ahead is full of pregnancy related activity – maternity clothes shopping on Saturday – I plan to buy 80% of the clothes needed to see me through to July. Then on Sunday we’re visiting the place which is currently top of our list for delivery, assuming everything stays low risk.

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