Friday, 18 January 2013

15 Weeks–Maternity Wardrobe and Snow


It’s pretty worrying how happy I was to get some decent maternity jeans – it almost made me look forward to getting up for work early on Monday morning to wear them. Perhaps I can use that as an excuse for going to bed at 7.30pm, rather than the fact that my usual number of lengths at the swimming pool rendered me so exhausted I didn’t even have the energy to brush my teeth.

Back to the clothing, I spent a total of £220 on my complete maternity wardrobe – I hope that will see me through to July. Here’s the breakdown:

- H&M Grey Skinny, Mamma Jeans (£15)

- H&M Salmon Pink Skinny, Mamma Jeans (£15)

- H&M Two black tops, Mamma, one stripes, one spots (Total £30)

- H&M Two pack Mama long vest tops, one grey one green (£15)

- H&M Long great Mama jumper (£15)

- Marks and Spencer's – 4 non-wired comfy bras – fitted (Total £24)

- Gap – Long Pink and Red striped maternity top (£12)

- Gap – Grey maternity t-shirts – one vest sleeves, one capped sleeves (£20)

- Motherhood – Jersey dress black and green stripes (purchased in the US ~ £25)

- Motherhood – Grey and purple work dress (purchased in the US ~£20)

- Motherhood – 2 pairs of pregnancy tights, one patterned, one plain (purchased in the US ~£4)

- Mothercare – Red and white spots maternity tankini (£25)

Total cost for maternity wardrobe = £220

Maternity clothing is expensive in the UK and so much of it was rather frumpy, thank goodness for H&M and their clothes which look almost like what I would normally purchase.

Also this week it snowed, which made everything so pretty but also the road so slippy. I’m glad baby G is estimated for July – as far from the snow as possible!

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