Thursday, 24 January 2013

16 Weeks–More Snow and Wrapping Up Warm




I love the winter time and this week had a proper snowy winter feel to it. I love wrapping up in layers and wearing boots over my favourite pink/red maternity jeans. It’s also a great excuse to spare 10minutes whilst the car warms up having coffee and croissants.

I feel like I’m starting to look pregnant from a side on view now, some outfits are more subtle and others are really obvious.

My nausea seems to be gone now although I still have to avoid acidy foods first things in the morning, favouring decaff coffee or milky tea over my old winter favourite of hot orange juice.

I’m really enjoying my Wednesday Yoga classes, it’s such a great opportunity to talk to other pregnant girls and be able to ask the teacher who is a midwife about anything. It’s also a really nice relaxing break mid-week, sometimes (always) I’m really struggling by Friday at work and I doubt I’d make it as far as I do each week without taking the two hours out.

I am really enjoying sleeping at the moment, as soon as I get home and eat dinner I am ready to sleep. I’m making the most of it while I have the time and I can still sleep relatively well.

We have been talking about names already, we are pretty much there with a girl’s name but I’m finding boys names so much harder, which is strange because we have been referring to the baby as a ‘he’ even though we have no idea. There’s no pressure, plenty of time to decide these things still and it’s always funny using those random baby name generators. I would like to pick names that mean something to us though, but maybe we’ll get desperate in the later stages!

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