Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Afternoon Tea {001}

Afternoon Tea 1Afternoon Tea 2

Grab a cup of tea; remember afternoon tea lends itself nicely to some dainty sandwiches without crusts – hot smoked salmon and crème fraiche for me, followed by a little piece of cake.

Life is good at the moment here, we’re at the start of our child bearing years and it’s exciting. I’ve enjoyed being pregnant so far and I’m now more than halfway. It was really important to me to see the beauty in this time and to think of the overall picture and of how lucky we are. I decided this early on before we were pregnant, when I heard friends complaining. During the months we were trying to conceive it was even clearer to me that pregnancy was a gift and like anything attitude was one of the most important points.

I feel like I’m learning skills which I hope to use again, my body have amazed me in its knowledge of how to adjust and support a growing baby. This really has made me appreciate the power of my brain and the knowledge that I can’t even access. Of course it’s not always glamorous – suddenly vomiting in your hands as you run up the stairs to the bathroom wasn’t the highest point (sorry that’s a bit much for afternoon tea) but it does make me laugh now!

I’ve made the most of the excuse of being pregnant and have been doing two hours of yoga every Wednesday afternoon which has made me feel so much better and has given me a great support network. Yesterday I started something new too, it’s a combination of physiotherapy, muscle stretching and massage and it was wonderful. I’ve been treating myself fairly well which probably adds to my general feeling of wellbeing.

I hope you’re taking good care of yourself too.


  1. Thanks for visiting me Jade. Love your blog!

  2. Taking care of yourself is so important, especially when pregnant. I'm glad you're doing what you can to feel good and be as comfortable as possible.