Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chilli Dog on the Pier {March 2012}


Ever since mentioned my favourite street food, I have been obsessing over it, I need to find some of those American crisps, Freetos I believe, I think there’s nowhere to buy them in Scotland, I may need to try out some alternatives. Pregnancy, rather than give me specific cravings, has made me obsess over foods I see other people eating or photos of food, adverts etc. I need to avoid images of food I cannot easily obtain!

So back to Santa Monica…

Los Angeles is somewhere that I tried to avoid visiting in 2009, it was flight 5 of 8 in a two week round the world trip and I was considering adding 2 more flights to that list before I came to my sense and decided to give LA the benefit of the doubt, it was two nights between Australia and Toronto, if it was as bad as I had heard I could just sleep it out in the hotel and I wouldn’t have lost all that much, my aim was to relax and recuperate.

I loved LA, for a long time it was top of my list of favourite places in the world and definitely in the USA. I stayed in Venice and loved it there, I ate great food and the people were helpful, I travelled by local bus to various other parts of the city too and found Santa Monica which was my favourite.

Last year when I returned to LA, I stayed in Santa Monica, I did a bike tour and ate chilli dogs on the pier; it was refreshing and interesting and I felt ready for the next leg of my tour. I just wish I would get those chilli dogs in Scotland, although they may not taste quite as good as in LA.

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