Friday, 1 February 2013

A Celebration of Travel {Around the World}


Recently I’ve been writing a little and thinking rather a lot about travel. Travel has been a big part of most of my life, we were lucky enough to have had family holidays abroad as children, the opportunity to work abroad as a student, then as an employed grown up the opportunity to travel with work. We have also priorities travel and holidays over the past 5 years while we have had the money and time to do so.

So in this transition stage rather than think about what it will be like to travel a lot less often I am celebrating the great opportunities I have had and the great places I’ve been. I used Wordle to create the image above of everywhere I can think of outside of Scotland that I’ve visited, the bigger the word the more visits. It’s not bad going for just under 30 years. Just for fun, here are a few favourites along the way:

Best street food: Santa Monica, LA – Chilli dog with all the toppings, cheese, pickles and chips

Best conversation in another language: Cahors Market, France - chatting to a nougat seller about how expensive Paris is in French

Most thought provoking trip: Johannesburg – Seeing the huge houses with pools minutes from township

Best purchase: Texas – Real cowboy boots from Cavendars

Best adventure: Florence, Italy – Getting the overnight bus to Florence from Potenza, staying in a tent in the city and meeting random people {I love Lonely Planet}

Most going local trip: Uganda – Staying with a local and hitting the Entebbe night clubs and eating roast chicken cooked on a fire in the street

Farthest from the sea: Denver, Colorado, USA

Most peaceful location: Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Place I’d buy a house: Lott region, France, weather, wine and cheese

{Posts to come soon on these favourites – links will be added}

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